Educator Evaluation Philosophy of the Millbury Public Schools:

The Millbury Public Schools are committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning through collaborative dialogue regarding ongoing reflection and growth by means of the Educator Evaluation System.

We believe in:

*Promoting student growth and achievement

*Recognizing best practices

*Identifying ways for educators to reflect and improve their instruction

*Fostering an environment of communication, and honest, constructive feedback

  that encourages self-reflection

*Maintaining confidentiality as a non-negotiable

The Millbury Public Schools believe that student learning is our number one priority.  We believe that we all can grow.

SMART Goals:

1. establish clear action steps and benchmarks which are easy to identify and achieve during the year
2. create uniformity to enhance consistency and communication by teachers and administrators
3. support the purpose of SMART goals

The SMART goal format will consist of your goal, identified action steps, and benchmarks that correlate to your action steps.  This is what many of you already include - the format will just have a new look.  We have attached two sample documents.

As you think about your goals and create your action steps remember the following: your goal should identify the impact that you want as a result of your actions...and how is the impact directly related to an area in the district/school improvement plan.  In other words: as a result of my action, this result will be achieved.
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